Björn Hammarberg : Drums, Vocals
Phil Etheridge : Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
David Parkin : Bass
Niklas Carron : Guitar, Voacals
Uffe Andersson : Guitar
Starting out as Donovans Brain in the early 80's, and building up a solid reputation as a live band, they where set to break in the mid 80's with the release of the LP "Little Pieces". They never did. I think the main reason was the inexplicable change of name to First Cab. They played on for a few years recording tons of demos, the best of which you can (soon) hear on the Songs page.
They played an excellent form of pop, showing influences of XTC, Steely Dan and Elvis Costello. They are sadly missed.
Phil & David went on to record songs as Padded Room, Niklas moved north (but has recently moved back) and Björn joined Tuckers Lilla Kapell. Uffe we see now and then...

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