JULY 2011

There are many parallels between a bird house and a children's playhouse. Both are miniatures, both embellish the area where they stand, and both are built for hidden and furtive activity, that is, the family life of birds and the games that children (or in our case, artists) play.

Linn Henriksson Strååt used the floor and walls of the gallery to make an installation where an apartment with distorted perspective emerged. Exploring the difficulties of genuine communication in close relationships, the work constituted a spatial graphic negotiation between the two-dimensionality representing speech and the three-dimensionality representing thought.
Material: black tape

Linn Björklund brought some rare birds to Hôlkenäset. A number of bird houses were mounted on birch trees, the gallery pavilion and adjacent buildings. The entrances to these boxes were also antrophocentric peepholes. The bird house is essentialy a substitute for a bird nest, like online videos and photos of animals can be a substitute for observing animal life in our close surroundings.
Material: wood, nails, paint, video loops


Never had this many guests at the same time before. And what marvelous guests! In total there were 47 unique visitors from seven different countries during the two short days the exhibition ran.