Varmland Forever Forever Varmland

Rød Stær is an underground band/art collective from Oslo, Norway. Current band members are Bård Torgersen and David Gurrik. Their debut "Tilbake til Varmland" (Back to Varmland) is a synergic project including an album, video works, a book, and an LP.

The event Varmland Forever Forever Varmland consisted of many parts. It started off with a concert at Värmlands Museum in Karlstad, the main institution for local culture, history and art.

The second event was being held at Off the Hook. Video was screening in the gallery and the band performed on the porch of an adjacent house. It was a sunny evening and the ambient music was carried away down the hill and out over the lake and the forests beyond it.

Rød Stær's "Varmland" is an inner utopian landscape, an alternative place both mentally and musically, a summer's dream in nowhereland, whose borders partly overlap and coincide with those of the swedish landscape Värmland. Their journeys in Varmland can be described as post-psychedelic socioanthropological case-studies.

Bjørn Esben (left corner) and Inger (reading)

Norwegian authors Inger Bråtveit and Bjørn Esben Almaas, friends of Rød Stær, did readings of newly produced work, straight from the porch of the gallery.

The closure of the weekend was a concert inside the gallery. The audience stood outside, with umbrellas and raincoats, looking in, as the sound of heavy rain mixed with the space techno.

Norwegian magazine NATT&DAG reporting from the event

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