Kristoffer Larberg: Fri-tid/het

"And so it is that we can always be reached, between stints of self-help." This is a key sentence in Kristoffer Larbergs understanding of contemporary working conditions as changing both due to neoliberal hegemony and new technology. It captures the dissolving border between work and free time and how the individual becomes responsible for their general well-being.

Kristoffer Larberg is currently working with the concept of emotional labour within contemporary working premises and the contradictions within the system making this possible. This is a project that takes the form of ongoing explorations, based in written language and typography. The first part consisted of three posters that where shown at Textival Litteraturfestival 2016 in Gothenburg. These posters explored the language used by managers when texting precarious employees on mobile phones - positive greetings, asking for/ordering work, and deciding work time.

Fri-tid/het (Free-time/dom) at Off the Hook Gallery was the second part of the project. Based on two linguistic experiments the exhibition contained different material from mindfullness culture - a list of affirmations and a meditation assignment. This material was reworked and presented by Larberg in a way that sought to adress concepts such as individualism and self-help in relation to the conflict between home and the workplace.

The letters themselves where comprised out of the universal sign for a new message, a symbol for (possible) happiness; (1). Supplementing and supporting the texts, different objects relating to the theme of the exhibition were placed in the space.

Kristoffer Larberg was born in Karlstad, Sweden 1984. His practice is informed by an interest in (written) language and its translation within different societal contexts. Working on commissions as well as with self initiated or collective projects, the boundaries of graphic design, written language and its designated spaces are tried out and challenged. He is currently based in Stockholm and holds a BFA from Beckmans College of Design in addition to various studies in England and Italy.