Joyce Overheul | Selected works
July 2012

The World's Most Exclusive Membership is a project that spins around the website with the same name. It's a membership so exclusive it's literally impossible to become a member. Many people have tried to become part of this club, even though there's no information available on what the membership is really about. The installation featured charts showing statistics on applicants (behaviour, origin, number of attempts), an audio documentary with Stephen Fry, and a pillow with an hand embroided QR code pointing to the website. There was also a computer promoting the website, where a few of us did try - in vain of course - to obtain membership. It never hurts to give it a try...

Dr. Pill is a very large pill (7.5x2 cm) made out of more than 160 different medications, shared by people that read about the project online and each sent in a dose of their daily medication, ranging from aspirine and diet pills to liquid morphine and Ritalin. Eating the pill would almost certainly result in death, so in a way it cures every disease imaginable. It is provocatively promoted as "the answer to all your problems". Dr. Pill's 142 active ingredients, 207 effects and 902 side effects are listed in the patient leaflet. The project also consists of more than 10 video interviews where participants talk about what medication they sent into Dr. Pill and experts talk about what might happen if someone eats the pill.

This exhibiton was the first where the Dr. Pill was to cross the border out of the Netherlands, and figuring out how to transport it to Årjäng wasn't exactly easy, as the artist explains: "[The Dutch Health Care Inspectorate] decided that a committee of pharmacists would have to plan a meeting about the pill, to see if they'd give me the permit to travel opiates around the world. This was another problem; since they couldn't just design a permit for only the opiates in Dr. Pill, they'd have to give me a permit to take all kinds of opiates with me (...), and that would also mean that I'd be able to start trafficking drugs around the globe legally." In the end a "Placebo pill" was shown in the glass case at Off the Hook. You can read a short story/statement by Joyce here.

iFollow is a 24-hour real time video that was shown on the porch. Joyce Overheul followed an ordinary woman with the camera for exactly one day, filming everything she did. The viewer can see literally everything she does during that day, from driving her car, reading books and cooking dinner to taking a shower, sitting on the toilet or sleeping. There is no editing and no censorship involved, only the ocassional glitch when the tape is changed. iFollow is a work made possible by Foto Grijpink, Nijmegen, NL.

The show featured 10x2000; ten old and famous paintings, reduced to 2000 plastic pixels and twenty colours each. They were mounted on two birch trees and included: "Vermeer - Girl with a pearl Earring (1667), Van Eyck - The Arnolfini Wedding (1434), Da Vinci - Mona Lisa (1503-06), Rubens - Jupiter and Castillo (1613), Rembrandt - The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (1632), Botticelli - The Birth of Venus (1486), Giotto - Scrovegni Chapel (1305), David - The Death of Marat (1793), Van Gogh - The Potato Eaters (1895) and Caravaggio - Judith beheading Holofernes (1589-99)". Best viewed at a distance.

Last but not least the sculpture ... People Like This was layed out in the grass, spatially connecting the different parts of the exhibition and also showing how many people at the moment liked Joyce Overheul's facebook fan page.


Born in 1989, lives and works in the Netherlands
Joyce Overheul graduated as a "Master of Arts in Fine Art" from the Utrecht Graduate School in Visual Arts and Design one month after the exhibition at Off the Hook Gallery


Pressklipp (in swedish): Värmlands Folkblad