Anna Lidberg peeking in

Värmland's undisputedly smallest gallery for contemporary art is Gallery 1:10, situated in what used to be a dollhouse, run by Konstfack graduee Anna Lidberg from Skoghall. Off the Hook is only the second smallest. We wanted to compare sizes, so the more mobile Gallery 1:10 was invited to Årjäng.

Cecilia Hultman and her first solo exhibition

Anna Lidberg curated a show with Cecilia Hultman, consisting mainly of very delicate pencil drawings. They were focusing on the scale and the concept of something within something, within something else. It was a visualization of Värmland, from an outside perspective, as it appear on google image search. Cecilia Hultman had never been to Årjäng or Värmland before the day of the opening.

Webpage of Gallery 1:10

Webpage of Cecilia Hultman

Miniatyrutställning i miniatyrgalleri (Article from Värmlands Folkblad)