Emil Andersson

Emil Andersson lives in Oslo, and works wherever his Wanderlust takes him. He is interested in how landscapes, by means of shifting baselines, are perceived as timeless entities, despite being politically and ideologically shaped constructs. His main medium at the present is the photographic series as an analytical tool of landscape.

For this show Emil Andersson was invited for a short-term artist's residency at Off the Hook, topographically exploring the area in between the gallery and the Årjäng town center for five days, using instant polaroid film to be able to work without a darkroom.

The series Årjäng, 13.07.14 - 18.07.14 was displayed as a tract of selected fragments on two custom-built glassed shelves. It consisted of 30 colour photos, size 8,5 x 10,8 cm. The sample of photos was chosen to mirror the mental topography of place, reflecting its typologies and structural elements.

Emil Andersson focus on the level of the infra-ordinary, the trivial and seemlingy insignificant motifs and moments. The photos are distanced and devoid of people and events. It is an antithesis to Henri Cartier-Bresson's 'decisive moment', rather conceived as a systematically collected data set.