Off the Hook Gallery is an independent art space located in Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden. It aims to be an interface for meaningful exchange and encounter, a platform for interaction between international artists and the swedish/värmlandish art scene. The goal is to give fresh and enriching experiences and perspectives to artlovers, artists and the local community.

Off the Hook Gallery is housed in a small wooden pavilion known as Lillstugan ("Little cottage"), lying next to a swedish summer cottage. Since Lillstugan was built by Bengt "Kroken" Nilsson for his two daughters in 1960, three generations of kids have played here. It is from time to time used as playhouse, doghouse or guesthouse, permanently inhabited by spiders and other insects, and occasionally visited by rats, snakes, lizards and other small animals.

In early 2007, David Nordström (son of Anna Nilsson, Kroken's oldest daughter) envisioned the potential of this little house. Off the Hook Gallery opened 2008.

Off the Hook is limited in physical space but wish to be expansive in poetical space. Off the Hook has very limited opening hours, only a few days each summer. All upcoming shows will be announced on this webpage.

Off the Hook Gallery is located far from the nodes of the International Art World. It is propelled by the interplay, contrast and tension between polarities and dichotomies such as countryside/city, rural/urban, regional/national, local/global, swedish/international and periphery/centre. There is also an ambition to investigate the specific qualities of the place itself, the pavilion and its surrounding environment.