Age  Refers to the numbers of years a whisky  has been matured in casks, for a blend the oldest part of it.
Aqua vitae Latin for "water of life" 
Barrels Casks containing 180 litres (47 am. gallons)
Blend A mix of pot-still malt whisky and continuous-still grain whisky.
Bourbon American whiskey mostly made of maize.
Butts Casks containing 500 litres (132 am. gallons)
Continuous still  Distillation device for grain whisky, with a continuous flow from wash to spirit. Also called Coffey-still, named after the developer of  the original idea.
Dram Small glass of whisky, commonly 1/6 of a gill (2,5 cl).
Feints Poor quality spirit, mostly water,  in the end of the distillation. Is used in the next batch of  low wines.
Foreshots Poor quality spirit in the beginning of the distillation. Is used in the next batch of  low wines.
Grain whisky Whisky made in a continuous-still from various cereals included malted barley. A lot cheaper whisky do make and it doesn´t need to mature as long time as malt. Is mostly mixed with malts, blended whisky. 
Heads Same as foreshots.
Heart Same as middle cut.
Hogshead Casks containing 250 litres (66 am. gallons)
Kiln Room for drying malt with peatfire
Low wines The resulting liquid from the wash still.
Nosing Whisky is not assessed by tasting, instead it´s aroma is sniffed.
Malt Barley whose starch content has turned to suger.
Mash Sugerrich liquid, from the mix of grist and hot water.
Middle cut The used part of a distilling run, between foreshots and feints.
Pagoda head The pyramid-shaped roof on a kiln, to let the smoke out.
Pot still Still for double-distilling malt whisky.
Single malt Whisky made from malted barley by double distillation in pot-stills at one individual distillery.
Spirit safe Locked glass and brass control box
Spirit still The final distillation still, for low wines from the wash still
Tails Same as feints
Uisge beatha Scottish Gaelic for whisky.
Usky What uisge beatha had change to in the 1770´s.
Usque baugh Irish Gaelic for whisky.
Vatted malt A blend of single malt whiskies.
Wash Liquor made from fermented wort.
Wash still The first distillation still, for wash.
Whiskey The way whisky is spelled in countries other than  Scotland and Canada.
Wort Liquor made from grist mashed with hot water