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Swedish Cube Day 2007

Kungsängen December 15 09:AM - 22:PM

Swedish Cube Day 2007 is the forth annual cube day. Earlier this competition was held in Uppsala but has now moved a bit soth down in the Swedish province of Uppland, to Kungsängen (earlier "Stockholms-Näs") in Upplands-Bro municipality. (Kungs-ängen = King's meadow). The competition is for the second year in line mainly for the "odd" cube events but also more "common" events will occour, (The events are listed lower at this page).

WCA results from Cube Day 2004, Cube day 2005, Cube day 2006, This years competition

The results from this years contest will (probably) be listed the day after the competition. (Not alla events are listed at WCA. WCA only lists official events that are supported by the organisation... Unofficial events has become a little of a signum for the Cube Day, so also this year =)

If you like to participate in the contest?, then you send a mail to tommy.gustavsson (at) bredband.net. Tell us your name and wich events you like to do.You can also simply show up without preregister yourself, just come in time for the registering in the morning. But it's easier for us organisers to plan the day if we know something about how many people that will come. So it's better if you preregister.

Great news: 2,000 Swedish crowns (220 euro or 320 dollars) has been donated as a prize for the competitions best single time, event 3x3x3 Cube. If you got fast hands it may pay to come here =)

There will be a small entry fee for competitors, this to finace the cost of the venue. The size of the fee depends of how many people that will come but there is a upper limit set to 50:- Swedish Crowns (about 6 euro). If that is not enough the Swedish Cube Association (SveKub) will pay the rest, if it's more than enough (many ppl will come) we will lower the fee =)

If you have any questions about the contest they are better asked in the thread about the contest (the tread is in Swedish but write in English, that's OK) at SveKub hompage. But you can also send us a mail, (address above)

The Venue is Stockholms-Näs heritage centre next to Kungsängen church.

The herritage centre


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To get there:

From Arlanda airport take the Arlanda Express to Stockholm central station (20 miutes)

From Stockholm central take the local train: Pendeltåg line 35 destination Bålsta, it has a stop at Kungsängen station. (25 minutes). You probably have to wait some minutes before the train leaves but there is one every 30 minutes (08:10 and 08:40 are good choises).

From Kungsängen station:

Alt 1: Take bus 559 destination Granhammar, it has a stop at Bygdegårsvägen a few meters away from the venue (3 minutes). The bus will leave shortly after the train arrives so there is no waiting here. The ticket for the train is also for the bus = no extra cost (remember to keep the ticket so you don't have to pay twice).

Alt 2: Take the short walk from the train station to the venue (10 minutes, look at the map to find the way but first zoom out one level to see both the (J) marking and the marking for the venue. (J) = Järnvägsstation = train station, "iron-way-station").

The events of the day:

The registering in the morning is probably the only time that will be precice (as usual), the rest are only approximations.

After the name of the puzzle there is the format for the event, normaly you do five tries, discharge the best and the worst time and then calculate an average from the other tree = 3(5), the rest is pretty obvius.

0900-1000 Registering
1000-1030 Pyraminx 3(5), Rubik's Clock mean of three
1030-1130 Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube first round 3(5) (2 groups)
1130-1145 Magic 3(5), Master Magic 3(5), Snake 3(5)
1145-1230 5x5x5 Cube 3(5)
1230-1400 3x3x3 FMC best of one - Lunch
1400-1430 Megaminx mean of three, Square-1 3(5)
1430-1500 3x3x3 Cube Blindfolded best of three (BLD)
1500-1530 3x3x3 Cube With feet mean of three, 2x2x2 Cube one handed 3(5)
1530-1600 3x3x3 Cube final 3(5)
1600-1700 4x4x4 cube BLD best of one, 3x3x3 Multi BLD best of one
1730-1800 Price cermony
1800-1900 Break for dinner
1900-2200 Eavning events: 4x4x4 3(5), 3x3x3 OH 3(5), 3x3x3 NIE 3(5) and maybe more.

BLD = Blindfolded solving, FMC = Fewest Moves Contest, NIE = No Inspection Event, OH = One Handed solving.

The price cermony is earlier than the end of the contest, that so some people who wants to leave earlier has a chance to get their prices before leaving (long trip home, have to catch a train, a plane or so). The evning events is a bonus for us who live in the area and for those trawellers who stay the night (last train to Stockholm is long after midnight so there is no problem to get to hotels in town after the evning events).

Preregistred participants:

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