Visual MINTEQ ver. 3.1

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Visual MINTEQ is a freeware chemical equilibrium model for the calculation of metal speciation, solubility equilibria, sorption etc. for natural waters. It combines state-of-the-art descriptions of sorption and complexation reactions with easy-to-use menus and options for importing and exporting data from/to Excel. Chemical equilibrium modelling has never been easier!

The code, originally built on USEPA's MINTEQA2 software, is maintained by Jon Petter Gustafsson at KTH, Sweden, since 2000.

Visual MINTEQ will run on most Windows platforms and relies on .NET Framework. For more details, see the posts below and also see here.

Version 3.1 is currently being tested

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on December 21, 2013

Version 3.1 is the first new Visual MINTEQ version for two years. It contains a large number of improvements. Perhaps the most significant new feature is the rewritten interface for the Biotic Ligand Model. Users are welcome to download a fully functional beta of version 3.1 (however, the documentation is still not updated) The regular version 3.1 is expected to be released some time during August 2014.

Is Visual MINTEQ what you are looking for?

Posted by Jon Petter Gustafsson on April 8, 2010

Visual MINTEQ can simulate the chemical composition in solutions in contact with gases, solid compounds and particle surfaces. To determine whether it is relevant for you, check the following list of what Visual MINTEQ can and cannot do...

Easy yet powerful


Since 2009 Visual MINTEQ has been the second-most used chemical equilibrium software application among researchers publishing in Elsevier journals. Probably this is because it is easy to learn, yet powerful, for many kinds of chemical equilibrium problems.

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