The Illustrated TPW chs 1 & 3

Images of places in S.M. Stirlings "The Protector's War"

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ill1 Woburn Abbey from Abbot's Oak 272 KB
ill2 Woburn Abbey - Hordle view from cover. SIDs are patroling ridge in foreground 168 KB
ill3 Woburn Abbey - Abbots Oak toward Hordle copse. Hordle & Alleyne hide in copse left of Abbot's Oak, start of ch 1 34 KB
ill4 Woburn Abbey - view W past Woburn church to Aspley Woods. The direction they head in with Sir Nigel 231 KB
ill5 Aspley Woods - arty pic. Younger trees in woods 68 KB
ill6 Aspley Woods. Beech trees 68 KB
ill7 Aspley Woods - northward facing beeches. Mature beechwoods 122 KB
ill8 A5130 nr Bobs view SW to Aspley Woods. Sir Nigel & Co came ove those wooded hills 64 KB
ill9 Bob's Farm - Big cottage from side. 77 KB
ill10 Big cottage at Bob's Farm. Note lawn ornament! 36 KB
ill11 Bobs Farm - cottages next 2 small thatched 1. Where Bob's Scottish & Icelandic friends live? 41 KB
ill12 Bobs Farm - small cottage. Contains hand looms, spinning wheels etc - in fact it really did so in 1998 67 KB
ill13 Try getting thru that lot. What a CY8 field hedge turns into! 41 KB
ill14 Stuff in the Middle of a CY8 Field. Man high - what the brambles haven't covered yet 23 KB
ill15 Brambles - Living barbed wire. 18 KB
ill16 Bramble fruit - blackberries - delicious . Brambles' saving grace 60 KB
ill17 M1 Jct 14 - Newport Pagnell turnoff on left looking SE. The turnoff they ride up the wrong way! 61 KB
ill18 M1 to Newport Pagnell slip road . Sign as in text! 15 KB
ill19 Newport Pagnell - view N from Iron Bridge. High St at top, Cannon pub is straight ahead 21 KB
ill20 Newport Pagnell - view E from Iron Bridge up R Lovat. Church in which fight occurs is in centre 21 KB
ill21 Newport Pagnell - High St N Cannon pub. Doesn't look as nice in CY8! 22 KB
ill22 Newport Pagnell - back of Cannon with canoe hiding place. Function room under thought bubble 17 KB
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