S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire" series

Mackenzie Tartan

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Quote from S.M. Stirling:

[...]the "Mackenzie tartan" is more like this:

except that it has very dark orange instead of the white and red, and the blue is more like a brown. It's not any real Highland tartan... except that the whole "clan tartan" thing was largely a Victorian ex-post-facto

So, is this the Mackenzie tartan?

Answer from S.M. Stirling:

-- pretty much, except there's more green.

So, maybe like this?

Or perhaps this?

...the green fields are wider? And perhaps the brown and/or black fields are narrower?

Answer from S.M. Stirling:

-- yup. Particularly the black.

Perhaps like this, then?

Or like this?

Answer from S.M. Stirling:

-- the last one is about right. Darken the orange a little. It's a 'very dull' orange.

Like this, then?

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