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Emberverse flags

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Notice that the flags below are my personal interpretation, based on hints in the book and some comments from the author on the Yahoo S.M. Stirling mailing list.


1.  Clan Mackenzie:

The Mackenzies' flag is green, with silver crescent moon between antlers. (larger image)


2.  Bearkillers:

The Bearkiller flag features a stylized head of a bear, crimson on dark brown. (larger image, alternatives)


3.  Dunedain Rangers:

The Dunedain Rangers' flag features a silver tree and seven stars (larger image)


4.  Portland Protective Association (PPA):

The Protector's flag is black with a "cat-pupiled" lidless eye. (larger image, alternatives)


5.  Ath:

The flag of Lady de Ath is descibed as "Sable, a delta or over a V argent". (larger image, alternatives)


6.  Corvallis:

The Corvallis flag is orange and features a beaver head. (larger image)


7.  Mount Angel:

During the Protector's War, the Mount Angel battle-flag carried the image of Virgin and Child. (larger image)


8.  Order of the Shield of St. Benedict:

The Order of the Shield of St. Benedict has a flag with a cross and a raven (larger image), the Commonwealth of the Queen of Angels presumably has a different flag. (Updated)


9.  Montival:

The flag of Montival is described as "blue, with a green white-topped mountain, overlaid with a longsword whose guard was the crescent moon" and "the green-silver-blue flag of Montival, the crowned mountain and the Sword". (larger image, alternatives)


10.  The Bjornings:

The Bjorning tribe of Norrheim (Aroostook County, Maine) has a war-flag with a raven with a stylized "AA" on its chest. (larger image)


11.  Norland:

The flag of Norland (Scandinavia/Germany) is the "Norden Flag", yellow with a red Scandinavian cross (larger image)


12.  Gotland:

The flag of Gotland is blue with a ram carrying a cross staff with a red flag. (larger image)


13.  Visby:

The flag of Visby city is the same as the Gotland flag, but with red background (larger image)

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