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1947 – Fisson power reactors; breeder reactor under construction.

1948 – Frederick and Marya Lefarge born, Hospital of the Sacred Heart, New York.

1954 – Yolande Ingolfsson born, Claestum Plantation, Italy. Myfwany Venders born, Arethustra Plantation, Sicily.

1955 – Ramjet suborbital missile exceeds Mach 8.

1959 – First scramjet flight to orbit.

1961 – Space stations.
First "perscomp" marketed in Alliance, by Pacific Cyber Systems

1962 – Manned moon landings; first permanent Lunar settlements.

1963 – Successful activated transfer of mammalian genes, Virunga Biocontrol Institute.
Alliance tests nuclear-fission pulsedrive vessel. First-generation drive, using modified tactical weapon and graphite-sheathed steel thrust plates.
Domination tests pulsedrive.

1964 – Alliance, Draka expeditions to Asteroid Belt, Mars. High-boost probes to Venus, Mercury, outer planets launched from Earth Orbit.

1965 – Magnetic catapult launchers on Luna, supply of minerals to orbital fabricators in zero-G.

1966 – First free-electron laser boost to orbit from Earth.

1968-9 – Two-ship Van Riebeck expedition to Jupiter; one lost.
First Apollo-group (Earth-crossing) asteroid captured, brought into Earth orbit.

1970 – Second-generation pulsedrives; subcritical plutonium pellets compressed by collision from railguns. Liquid reaction mass used to cover carbon-carbon/steel thrustplates.
Permanent Draka settlement on Mars; orbital stations, mining operations on Martian moons.

1973 – Space-generated solar power beamed to Earth via microwaves.

1975 – Secession of Indian Republic from Alliance for Democracy. Draka conquest of India.

1980 – Third-generation pulsedrives; fission pellets compressed by lasers
Fourth-generation pulsedrives; deuterium-tritium fusion pellets imploded by laser/electron beam system.

1989 – First planet-based fusion reactor, Nova Virconium, Mars.

1996 – Fifth-generation pulsedrive; deuterium-boron-II fusion pellets.



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