The Draka appendices

Anne Marie Talbott used to have a website with a number of Draka fanfics and the appendices from the first 3 books. These appendices aren't in the omnibus edition "The Domination", so Peter Karsanow transcribed them (again in some cases) for our enjoyment, and put those appendices on his website. They can now be found at


Read the appendices that were included in the first three Draka novels, but not in the omnibus volume:

  1. Domination Timeline
  2. Domination Military
  3. Currency and Prices
  4. Science and Technology
  5. Points of Difference
  6. Population
  7. Race Purity Laws
  8. Serfdom
  9. Economics and the Standard of Living
  10. Constitution and Government
  11. Economic Geography
  12. Postwar Domination Military
  13. Land Tenure and Plantation Life
  14. Power Systems and Transportation
  15. Small Arms Development
  16. Author's Note: Computers and Technology

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