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Alternative Bearkiller flags

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1.  Inspired by the emblem of the Finnish Coast Guard:


1a.  A somewhat "slimmed" version of the Finnish Coast Guard bear head:


1b.  An even "slimmer" version with longer tounge:


1c.  Without the tounge, and the lower jaw slightly changed:


2.  A more traditional heraldic bear head:


3.  Inspired by an image from Southwest Missouri State University:


Or perhaps this is the bear head on the main gate of Larsdalen.

[Ch. 2]: "The surface was dark brown paint, but this year for swank they'd added a great snarling bear's-head in ruddy copper covered in clear varnish, face-on to the roadway with half on either leaf."

4.  I don't think this is from some specific institution:


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