LMB Mailing list logos

Lois McMaster Bujold Fan Art


Here are four slightly different suggested Mailing list logos in different sizes:
mail-logo4a-180 mail-logo4b-180
mail-logo4a-200 mail-logo4b-200
mail-logo4a-240 mail-logo4b-240
mail-logo4a-300 mail-logo4b-300
mail-logo5-180 mail-logo3-180
mail-logo5-200 mail-logo2-200
mail-logo5-240 mail-logo2-240
mail-logo5-300 mail-logo2-300

All comments about these logos are welcome to bo@dendarii.com
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Vorkosigan ComConsole All Bujold fans have surely waited for the Vorkosigan ComConsole, reskinned versions of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, Netscape, or MS Internet Explorer with a "Vorkosigan" look.
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