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Other Mokes In Sweden

Mokes are not a very common sight in Sweden, there are about 15 Mokes in Sweden,
many of them have been imported during the last years.
There have been more Mokes in Sweden but they seem to have disappeared.
Mokes were used as service vehicles on racetracks, one or maybe two
at Anderstorp racetrack and one at Mantorp racetrack. One of them were servicing
the Picko Troberg racing team. Another Moke was living it´s life on a fire department station.
If you have a swedish Moke or a photo of a swedish Moke,
and would like to have it published here,
please contact Micke Pettersson.
Mattias has a Dinky toys Austin Mini Moke, he got it for free from Ola....
Staffan in a Moke
Jimmy in Stockholm has new paint on his Moke. Staffan was trying it and now he will buy a Moke!
Henryk has made a "stamp" with his Moke on it.

A Cagive Moke 1991.
Thomas has also made a "stamp" with his Moke.
An Austin Mini Moke 1967.

One Moke was featured in a swedish technical magazine in 1967.

Once I saw a Moke on a swedish Mini Meeting, 1987 I think.
An Austin Mini Moke 1967.

If nothing else says so, all photos by Micke Pettersson.
All rights reserved for ever by Micke Pettersson