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Our Moke

OK, now we are talking tatty Moke. This Moke has, as far a as we know, lived most of its life in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. There has it been "restored" and as you can see from the pics, they have very skilled metal workers down there. They have produced their own sides and the same goes for the floor. Hood frame, petrol tank, engine, front windscreen and all electrical parts are missing. The car was imported to Sweden in 1991 by a couple who had been working down there with some kind of SIDA financed help organization. When they decided to move back to Sweden they brought two Mokes, got them through the customs and preregistred them in the swedish car register.
We bought the car and our main goal right now is getting it back on the road as a funny car to drive on spare time. And on coming trips to major Mini events we are going to look for parts for an eventual future restoration.
Visit the following link:
= here you will find the following text :
                                          (Nee TUSTIN)
                                            1898 -1977
Elizabeth May Tustin was born in South Leister, England on the 5th January 1898, to Frederek
Charles Tustin (c.1868 - c.1900) and Rose Violetta Brookes (c.1872 - c.1924) Elizabeth was an only
child. She married Benjamin Claude Parkinson (1899 - 1947) on the 22nd December 1923 they had
2 children, Alan 1924 and Pamela (1934). She was the first person I met in Roland's family, she
loved to be driven around in our 'Mini Moke'. She passed away in Bulawayo, Rhodesia on 12th
July 1977 she was 79 years old."

Could this be our Moke ?

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