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Other Mokes Around The Globe

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Tom´s Moke was bought in England and has a very special history.

Ralf´s Moke needed some service during the IMM2001 in Austria.

The Minitron Moke at Mini Sweden´s Summer Party Session
at High Chaparral August 2001

Ian´s Moke at IMM2000 in northern Finland, the crew consists of
Jutta to the right and Andrea to the right, Ian in the back.

Killian´s Moke, I´m trying to locate a better picture of this Moke,
I have a better pic somewhere in a drawer,
photo taken on our trip to Ireland after IMM1994 in England....

Moke Ute from a postcard.

More finnish Mokes, a -67 and a -89. Photos from finnish club
magazine in the beginning of the 90ies.

The Mauseth Family used to own a Moke -67 when they
still were living in Rhodesia. Photo by Roland Mauseth.

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short Moke cite:
"Cyprus ­ a country which purchased over 20,000 Mini Moke cars in years past"
(source: http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~amberlight/Companyprofile.html)

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