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2005-05-02: Our African Moke is ready for the roads!
The African Moke of ours have now finally gained a swedish citizenship and passed the swedish MOT.
Thanks to the family(Eva & Torkel), Staffan, Bjorn and others who has helped!
Eventually Spain in this Moke?

1st drive
2005-05-01: First drive on swedish road!
For the first time the African Moke has drive by itself on a swedish road!
The 2nd of may it is time for MOT.....with a non functioning clutch! :-)
Maybe ready for the trip to IMM2005 in Spain ?

2005-02-13: New (old) magazine bought!
Classic Military Vehicle with a report of the preproduction Mini Mokes that was meant for the military market. Interesting article!


2004-12-14: We bought another Moke!
It has been out of legal road traffic since 1995,
but driven once in a while at student exams and
other times out on the countryside soutwest of Stockholm, Sweden.
More info and pics will follow!


2004-11-29: Super model in a Moke!

wiper motor

2004-11-21: Wiper motor found, will it fit the Moke? (came from LR ser 1)

Moke Book Eurasian Moke Book Eurasian
Moke Book Eurasian Moke Book Eurasian
2004-11-10: I bought a "new" Moke Book!
Eurasian Moke , The story of a journey, ISBN 085572-066-2
Written by Albert Laing who drove a Moke from Australia to England in 1975.

Eva Moke

2004-10-28: Summer 2004 has passed and still no Moke on the road :-(

2003-08-20: My package from the Moke Factory Clearout!
I will open it tomorrow and see whats inside......
Until then, a small peek......

2003-06-29: Instruments in the housing! Will the Moke be ready this summer?

Moke Book
2003-04-28: I bought the new Moke restoration book, written by Roy Scott!
-Moke History
-Our Moke
-Other Mokes in Sweden
-Other Mokes Around The Globe
-Moke parts

Soon to come in this section
-Mini Moke Fan Club

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