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                     Bracco Italiano Owner: Åsa Lindén    Hun-Tibbs Aida L´ardita   ( Fiocca ) Sweden


                     English Setter Owner: Siw Lindelöf     Giggs Gold Crest  ( Prince ) Sweden


                      German Shorthaired Pointer Owner: Väntans Kennel  

                      S & Nuch Väntans Hester ( Hester ) Sweden


                    Hungarian Vizla:s  Owner: Petra & David         Owner: Berit Olsson             

                    Cosmo  Sweden  Larger photo of Cosmo           CSIBEZ   ( Lister )  Sweden



                     Irish Red Setter  Owner: Jeanette Boström 

                     Red Tail´s I´m All Your´s  ( Kim ) Denmark


                    Irish Red & White Setter     ( Anton ) Sweden


                      Weimaraner Scuba´s Barfüssige Barbara  (Babben )

                     Owner: Anci & Nicke Nicklasson Sweden




                   Thank´s to all friends for permission to use pitcures of your dogs!


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