Vorkosigan Comconsole

Vorkosigan ComConsole Net Surfer

New Skin for Opera 8, 8.5 and 9 (ver. 4.9 / 5.0)

Newest Theme for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (ver. 5.02)

These pages have not been updated, but you are free to use the files and images if you want.

All Bujold fans have surely waited for this, rebranded and reskinned versions of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, Netscape, and MS Internet Explorer with a "Vorkosigan" look.

Here are installable Vorkosigan skins for Opera, themes for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and Netscape, and skins for MS Internet Explorer.

Newest Vorkosigan ComConsole skin for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (ver. 5.02).

New The Vorkosigan ComConsole skin for Opera 8 also works for Opera 9.

New Installation instruction fo Opera 8 and 9 for Linux.

View a screenshot of Vorkosigan Comconsole for Opera 8 or 9 800x576 or 528x380 png image.
(Linux: 800x576 or 528x380 png image)
View a screenshot of Vorkosigan Comconsole 5.02 for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 800x576 or 528x380 png image.

With the installable Vorkosigan skin for Mozilla or Netscape you will not get the "rebranding" effect, with "Vorkosigan ComConsole" in the title bar.

New Instructions for Opera 8 / 8.5 / 9 skin (ver. 4.9 / 5.0)

Newest Instructions for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (ver. 5.02)

A short note on early versions of the Vorkosigan ComConsole background images.

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Vor logos I have tried my skills as a Fan Artist and made some Vor Arms or Logos as I imagine that they might look.
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