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Alternative Vorkosigan Crests

Lois McMaster Bujold Fan Art

This Vorkosigan shield is used as a logo at the Lois M.Bujold pages on the Russian site Shop-of-Worlds. They also have the nice Impsec Eye at that site.
These Vorkosigan family crest images have been created by John Hardin ( They include a stylized maple leaf over three peaks, in silver on brown, and some variants. View them in full size PNG format here.
I have made these Vorkosigan background images, inspired by John D. Hardin's images above. Variants of these are used at The Bujold Nexus, The Bujold Nexus Overflow Site and on my Vorkosigan ComConsole Net Surfer.
Rusty Reid has made this 'decorative comm pin'.
I have made these variants of my round Vorkosigan crest. A version of these is used at The Bujold Nexus Overflow Site.
I have made these variants of my round embossed Vorkosigan crest. Variants of these are used for my suggested Bujold Mailing List logos.
This is a cross-stitched Vorkosigan crest based on my round crests above. Also available in larger size.
This background image is used in newer versions of my Vorkosigan ComConsole Net Surfer, the smaller images are Bujold Nexus buttons used in the ComConsole and in my Quintarian Web Browser.