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On the Oceans of Eternity

by S.M. Stirling   <>


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Place for blurb text, lots of lovely blurb text about the third book in the "Island in the Sea of Time" saga.

Perhaps the blurb should mention that this book is the sequel to the widely acclaimed "Island in the Sea of Time" and "Against the Tide of Years", and perhaps the blurb should also give some teasers about the contents of the book.



To Alfred Bruce Stirling - who deserves all the blame for this. Or at least half of it.



Many thanks to the cadets and staff of the Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT, for their hospitality and interest; special thanks to Professor Faye Ringle of the Academy; and to the officers and crew of Eagle, for the guided tour.

My apologies her captain for the unspeakable things I did to his cabin.

Wenlock Edge by A.E. Houseman, A Shropshire Lad, 1887, XXI

Excerpts from March of Cambreadth, Heather Alexander, Midsummer, copyright 1997 Sea Fire Productions

Thanks to William Pint and Felicia Dale for permission to quote from their beautiful songs in: Hearts of Gold, c. 1994, Round the Corner, c. 1997, When I see Winter Return, c. 1997, Waterbug Records; available at

And to Tony Goodenough, for permission to use lyrics from Pump Shanty.

Thanks also to Ms. Margarita Booker of Ronald Wharton Rifles, and to Mr. Geoffrey Boothroyd.

My thanks to Bobby Hardenbrook for his help with the website.

All errors, ommissions, infelicities and lapses are purely mine.


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