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Against the Tide of Years

by S.M. Stirling   <>


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Place for blurb text, lots of lovely blurb text about the second book in the "Island in the Sea of Time" saga.

Perhaps the blurb should mention that this book is the sequel to the widely acclaimed "Island in the Sea of Time" and that it is followed by "Against the Tide of Years", and perhaps the blurb should also give some teasers about the contents of the book.



To Marjorie Totterdale Stirling, 1920-1997. Ave Atque Vale



Lyrics from "Fogarty's Cove", used by permission of Ariel Rogers/Fogarty's cove Music, copyright 1976 -- written by Stan Rogers.

My thanks again to the people of Nantucket (individuals too numerous to name), to the US Coast Guard, and to the historians, linguists and archaeologists.

Thanks also to Suzanne Feldman and Anne-Marie Talbott for their help with some important details.


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