1-7 August 2009

First up was VD-003. 1,5 km walk from Björneröd. There is a watchtower at the summit and close by a shelter with plenty of firewood. The antenna was strung from the top of the tower. The view from the tower is nice, but not particular spectcular.

850 meters walk along the northen path that starts near Prästerud. The facilities at the summit is just excellent! It´s clearly marked. There´s a park bench to sit on and a small hut with three beds and a wood stove and plenty of firewood in a nearby shed. The view from the top is quite nice.

There is a forest road from Ränksered that ends near Igeltjärnet. I spent the night between Saturday and Sunday there. From the end of the road it´s about 1 km walk to the summit along a sometimes very wet, not very well worn path. There´s no official markings at the top, but there is a small mound of stones and a improvised fireplace. The summit itself is almost flat with trees all around, however, if you walk a bit to the north there is a clearing and a very nice view.
Blanka Pannan

From the "round about" kind of parking place at the forest road north of Blanka Pannan it´s a 500 meter walk though a muddy clear-cut area. The summit is completely surrounded by trees obstructing any kind of view of the surrounding landscape. A local said that there once was a park bench at the summit, but nowadays there´s just a wooden box containing a visitors book and a wooden sign saying "Blanka Pannan".

A paved road leads all the way to the summit. You just have to walk a couple of hundred meters to the very top. Very good opportunities to put up your mast in the small tower. Wonderful view!

The road is closed with a gate at the crossing near Bråten. You have to walk 1,7 km to the end of the forest road and then 700 meters up though the "jungle" to the top. The summit is not marked in any way and totally covered with young trees. It´s very difficult, if not impossible, to know if you are at the exact summit or not
Hultberget (Hästbergskullen)

You have a fantastic view from the parking place at the forest road 500 meters south of the summit. The same with the view from the top. The summit is marked by a signpost for some kind of anciant remains.

There´s a newly built - but unmarked - parking place down at the main road. From there it´s very steep climb straight up all the way to the summit. On the map it says that there is a watchtower at the top, but it´s no more. Only the foundation remains. However there´s three park benches and a toilet for your convenience. The view is very nice indeed!

There´s a newly built forest road ending about 800 meters due east from the summit as can bee seen on the areal photo of Google Earth. I do not recommend it! Better take the path from the north-east from Öv. Bograngen. The summit is marked with a big stone with a small mound on top. It was raining so I had to build a small tent for my equipment. The summit is totaly covered with woods. No view of the surrounding landscape at all.

There´s a very bad forest road coming from the north ending about 800 meters from the summit. The road is only recommended for cars with 4WD! From the end of the road you have about 800 meters walk throug a clear-cut area and bog to the top. At the summit you will find a rather old watchtower with a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.

This is how far I got to this summit. When I arrived late in the evening on Monday it started to rain. The rain continued all through the night and when I woke up after a good night´s sleep in it was still raining. There is no path to the summit and wading through the jungle up to the summit was nothing I was looking forward to do. So I gave up, leaving this summit for someone else to do! Thus, this summit was not activated by me!

This summit is the highest point in Värmland County, a fact that is proudly presented both down by the main road and at the forest where the path to summit begins. The path is very wet. Bring your rubber boots! This was an awful activation. Wet and rainy. Put up the antenna at the north-east side of the tower. Was probably not a very good idea. Seemed I was in some kind of radio shadow because I managed to make barely enough qso:s to make the activation valid. And it was raining, and it was cold! Terrible!
Hunnflen (Norra Klitten)

In response to SM0HPL´s activation of OR-001 and OR-002 I changed my plans and took a detour into Dalarna County. Due to a newly built wind turbine there´s a road all the way to the top. There´s also a park bench, making this one a really easy one! People were complaining about qsb. Could have been due to the spinning of the wind turbin just 50 meters from the park bench. I had a very good night´s sleep right at the summit!
Markusberget (Lömåsen)

The map indicate a path from Markusberget Settlement to Krakekärret. Maybe there is a path, maybe not; in any case it was used a very very long time ago. The house at Krakekärret is just a ruin. The way to the summit is not too difficult. The distance from the road is about 1,7 km. The top is actually divided into two summit; one to the south and one to the north about 150 meters apart. I settled for the northern one as it seemed to be about 1 meter higher than the southern one. The view from the top is fantastic!

The forest road approaching the summit from the north is in a very bad shape. Small trees has begun to grow in the middle of the road. In a year or two it will probably not be possible to drive on it with a normal car. From the end of this road there´s a string of plastic stripes leading up to the summit, however, I do not think it´s an indication of a path. It is more likely connected to elk hunting. The summit is completely covered with trees. There´s no view what so ever of the surrounding landscape. The summit is marked with a small mound of stones.

As can bee seen on the areal photos of Google Earth there´s a piece of road from the end of the road indicated on "Gröna Kartan" up to about 500 meters from the top of Gåsklinten. There is a telecommunications mast and other sorts of electrical equipment at the summit. Not much of a view from the top.
Vålberget (Vålbergsrös)

From Vålfallshöjden there´s a new piece of forest road up to about 500 meters from the summit. It´s possible that it had some kind of observation post during the Second World War. There´s some foundation of sorts up there and other pieces of junk laying around, and there seems to have been a telephone line going up to the summit. The view from the top is very nice.

Värmullsåsen is full of all kind of masts, antennas and telecommunications equipment, and a road leading up to 100 meters from the summit, and a very nice watch tower.


Again, there´s a new piece of forest road from the main forest road starting at the bend north of Kärnberg. From the end of the new piece of road it´s a 900 meter walk to the summit. You follow the tracks made in the ground of some forest machinery and when you think you have come to the summit, walk 200 meters to the east and you will find the real summit. It is unmarked. No indication of any kind!

The road is closed by a gate at the crossing south of Örvakttjärn. From there it´s 2,3 km walk on forest road to the bend close to the end near Stor Mossen, and then 450 meter walk through the bush to the summit righ at the edge of the clear-cut area.

This was the second time I have been activating VD-001. The watchtower was not open, and the view from the very summit is not the best. Instead follow the path past the tower a couple of hundred meters to a park bench. That´s my favorite spot!
I´m been thinking of activating some SOTA:s for some time. Even if our country has been a SOTA-member for over a year by now not much has actually happened in this regard. First I was thinking of doing it by bicycle, but as I live on a minimalistic disability pension and have a very limited budget, that would have meant that just a few could be put on the air. Renting the cheapest car I could find, sleeping in the car and making my own food I could, however, activate quite a few of them during week´s tour and still manage to do it on a ultra limited budget. So, off I went in the early morning of Saturday the 1st of August!

In the picture below you see my setup: ATS.3B.1 with about 4 watts output, a Hendricks SLT+ tuner, a Begali keyer, a cheap set of headphones and a batterypack of eight 2500 mAh batteries. This was connected to a end-fed half-wave antenna supported by a 12 meter SpiderBeam mast.

For activation of Swedish summits a terrain-map is a must! In Swedish it´s called "Gröna Kartan". However, it´s not always reliable. Particularly for the northern part of Värmland County and for Dalarna County. The areal photos of Google Earth is much more up to date! One must have in mind that the Swedish woods are not pristine woods. Even if it´s a wood, it´s in fact cultivated land. The trees are cut down and new trees are planted all the time. Forest roads are built to take out the timber. This is done with heavy machinery, scarring the ground, making it muddy, wet and very difficult to walk. Worst of all are the five to ten years old clear-cut areas covered with thick low undergrowth making it next to impossible to see where you are putting your feet.

So, having spent all my money, and some more, was it worth it? Yes indeed, it most certainly was! I enjoyed myself tremendously and got a host of experience about how and were antennas work and do not work. As an extra bonus I got to see a lot of my country that one normally do not see during a vacation! I will certainly do it again! It´s just a matter of when I have managed to saved up enough money to do it!  :-)