SSA Portabeltest
Spring 2008
Areal photo of the place
The noise level in this urban area is a bit of a problem when trying to work those weak stations up in SM3 and SM2. I thought that moving further into Änggårdsbergen would alleviate the problem a bit. Thus I choose to do the SSA Portabeltesten at another QTH.

Yes, the view was indeed very nice. To the west I had a very nice view out towards the coast west of Göteborg and towards the North Sea. However, sorry to say, I couldn´t say that I noticed any difference in noise level. Anyhow, working from another place is nice. Trying out a new kind of antenna is also very nice. New things are learned and experience are gained...
The nice thing about the new trapped end-fed half-wave dipole is that you don´t need any extra support for the SpiderBeam Mast as it´s so light and nimble.
View to the West.
View to the South.