SSA Portabeltest
Autumn 2008
(arial photo of the place)
No pictures Iīm afraid! But itīs the same place as “Spring 2007”.

As I have written before; my problem in the SSA Portabeltest is not that I need a better antenna to produce a stronger signal. Itīs that I canīt hear the weak ones up in SM3 and SM2 on 80 meters due to the background noise from the city nearby. What I really need is of course separate transmitting and receiving antennas. That is, unfortunately, not practical. I have only about three hours in the morning before the contest to put everything in place.

At the advice of SM6VJA this time I tried a full wave Delta-Loop for the 80 meter band. The top was 17 meters over ground, and the two other ends some three meters over ground. This antenna was much better than the dipoles. The background noise was considerably reduced. I could “hear” much better and was able to work a couple of SM3:s on 80 meters. The antenna also did very nicely on the 40 meter band.

The problem is that itīs a hell of a task to put it in place up on top of the hill with all the bushes and trees in the way up there. Also, I donīt think I put my SpiderBeam Mast in the best place for the Delta-Loop. However, in the process I think I found a much better place that makes it a bit easier to put up next time.

Because of this I missed the first 40 minutes of the contest. That is; when 80 meters is at its best. Anyway, I think the Delta-Loop is the way to go, and the coming spring there is another contest!

Else, the weather was quite nice and warm. Not much of sunshine, but the wind was calm to moderate. All in all, another very nice experience!