This was a 16 day trip. It started with me and my bike taking the train from Mölndal to Kristianstad. Stayed there a couple of days and then moved on to Mjällby on the Listerlandet peninsula where I stayed almost a week. This included a trip to Hanö Island. Unfortunately the weather was foggy and rainy. Because of this the visit was not as spectacular as it could have been. Having done the areas on the peninsula I moved south along the Hanö Bay to Kivik. Stayed there a couple of days and then moved inland to Hörby. Stayed there, and finally went to Eslöv from where I took the train back to Mölndal. As usual I activated three to four SMFF-areas each day.
SMFF Tour June 2013

Hanö Island

Sillnös udde

Björkönabben with the last mediumwave transmitter in Sweden.
It is now silent.

Vitaby church

The equipment I am using.
To this is added a 12 meter telescopic glasfiber mast.