During July, August and September I made several trips by bike around Mölndal to SMFF-areas I had not activated before, and to a few I had activate the previous year. Most of these were day-trips, but I made one during which I stayed for three night in Borås. We had the good fortune to have a very nice and warm summer and a late autumn. Biking was very good indeed!

As of the end of  September 2013 and during the two and a half years I have been working SMFF I have activated 306 different SMFF-areas. As I have worked a few more then once I guess I have been sitting transmitting in the bush next to 400 times and worked about 7500 qso:s in total during this period. All of them in CW-mode, and most of them with my trusty old ATS-4b and an end fed half-wave antenna.
SMFF trips by bike July-Septemer 2013