SMFF 2011
2011´s craze among Swedish Radio Amateurs was SMFF-hunting. Just about everybody seems to be out activating nature reserves and national parks. Either that, or they are hunting the same. Most seems to be doing it with a car running /M or /P with QRO (meaning 100 watts) and using SSB. However, some of us hard-core portable qrp:ers are doing it with minimum power with really portable equipment and of course using CW.

During these adventures my ATS-4(rev a) has served me very well indeed together with a tuner and simple EFHW-antenna. This rig has been proven to be a very reliable and given that the simple EFHW-antenna is hung enough high and in the clear my setup have been working very well. The rig has never failed me once! It´s really amazing how far you can reach with a simple wire hung in a tree and 4-5 watts.

Just as important as another pretext for working the radio, is the radio activity as a pretext to get out into “the wild” and to learn more about the nature reserves that surround Göteborg and Mölndal. Therefore it does not matter if you only do not make a lot of qso:s, the main thing is to get out in the fresh air and move your body a  bit!

Up till now, this summer, I have activated the following nature reserves:
SMFF-0102, SMFF-0129, SMFF-0130, SMFF-0131, SMFF-0147, SMFF-0148, SMFF-0164, SMFF-0165, SMFF-0167, SMFF-0179, SMFF-0180, SMFF-0181, SMFF-0182, SMFF-0195, SMFF-0205, SMFF-0206, SMFF-0214, SMFF-0215, SMFF-0224, SMFF-0225, SMFF-0226, SMFF-0236, SMFF-0248, SMFF-0249, SMFF-0259, SMFF-0260, SMFF-0261, SMFF-0262, SMFF-0269, SMFF-0282, SMFF-0319, SMFF-0380, SMFF-0381, SMFF-0382, SMFF-0487, SMFF-3355, SMFF-3409, SMFF-0451, SMFF-0453, SMFF-3465, SMFF-0467, SMFF-3468, SMFF-0483, SMFF-0484, SMFF-0486, SMFF-3520, SMFF-3521, SMFF-3522, SMFF-3376, SMFF-3377, SMFF-3401, SMFF-3425, SMFF-3426, SMFF-3427, SMFF-3432, SMFF-3442, SMFF-3448, SMFF-3449, SMFF-3451, SMFF-3460, SMFF-3479, SMFF-3490, SMFF-3499, SMFF-3509, SMFF-3510, SMFF-3516, SMFF-3517, SMFF-3518, SMFF-3519, SMFF-3548, SMFF-3549, SMFF-3558, SMFF-3568, SMFF-3579, SMFF-3712, SMFF-3715, SMFF-3767, SMFF-3768, SMFF-3769, SMFF-3770.

That should be 89 if I have counted them correctly. Some has been done with my bike as transportation, some has been done using a car that I had during the summer months.

In 2012 we are likely to have even more SMFF activity in Sweden. And for me, a wonderful reason to discover some new parts of my country!

Foreigners should note that also you can participate in hunting Swedish nature reserves and national parks! You are all welcome to register at , up-lode your qso:s and participate in the hunt.