SABA Freudenstadt 8-S

Bought it on the net. Said to be in good condition, which proved to be exactly right. The wood cabinet was in excellent condition and only needed some furniture polish to look like new. Inside there was almost no dust at all. One must, because of this, wonder if it has been used at all during the last 60 years! The only defect is that the brass covers on the knobs are missing...
Nice and shiny!
The mains power switch was broken. The previous owner had shortend it and instead put a switch on the power cable.
I bought a new one and replaced it.
Itīs easy to do; two screws hold the plate of the switch and one screw hold the line to the pully.
The old rectifier was cause for concern.
The inner workings of it was replaced.
And a loading resistor was added to drop the voltage to proper value
That resistor looked a bit fried. Even if it showed the correct value, it was replaced with one with higher wattage.
The middle core in the UKV-box had gotten compleatly loose.
The plastic stand had became brittle with age. Was fixed and strengthend by some Araldit.
The contacts were corroded resulting in very poor sensitivity on the Long Wave and Medium Wave bands
Nice and clean!
New brass caps!
All these were of course replaced.
This was a tricky one! Caused me a lot of problems. Difficult to figure out and find. The wire was off as is shown on the picture. If it have been so from the factory or some repairwork on the way is the cause, I donīt know.
I did not change the electrolytes. No hum so they seems okay.
I now have a very nice and big radio on my table. They sound is just excellent.