Collecting QSL-cards is one of the main aspects of this hobby for some of my fellow hams. But sorry to say, I have never been particularly interested in QSL-cards. To tell the truth, I hate QSL-cards!!!

The thrill of making a contact by these mysterious radio waves and the enjoyment of talking to another person is quite enough for me! I'm not even seriously interested in DX-ing and working a new country just for the sake of having done so. Sure, I will work a new country when I can, but I will not spend a whole weekend just to do it. My attitude is that "they come when they come" if I chase them or not!

From 2004 onwards I have been uploading my loggs to ARRL Logbook of the World. All SOTA contacts will be uploaded to the SOTA database and all of my SMFF activations and contats will be uploaded to the database at

I´m not any kind of DX or sought after operator or station and therefore really do not care very much for QSL-cards sent to me routinely via the buro. In fact I couldn´t care less!

However, those who make the effort of sending me his or hers card direct to me via mail I will honor. Even if my economy do not allow for much I will pay for the postage from me to you. That´s a matter of pride and recognition of the extra effort you made!

Håkan Olsson
Vetekornsgatan 7
431 46  Mölndal