18 July 2008

After 150 km and 10 hours in the saddle I finally came to Kinnekulle. The view isn´t that great at the outlook tower (if you don´t go up in the tower of course).  I instead set up camp a few 100 meters south-west of the outlook tower smack in the middle of a large patch of wildwood strawberries. The night was a bit cool, but it was quite warm and comfertable in the sleeping bag.

A little closer...
To the West
To the North-West
The setup!
A small panorama.
Kinnekulle from a distance
Sorry to say, I forgot the tuner for my wonderful trapped end-fed dipole for 40 and 30 meters. But no problem; with some pieces of wire I made a GP vertical on site for 30 meters. Worked very nicely. I made a total of 49 qso:s on that band.

Back again in Mölndal friday evening after an 11 hour ride and a couple of refreshing rain showers along the way!