IOTA Contest 2008


As last year we were in the "IOTA DXPN MS MIX 24H QRP" category to see if the two of us could do better than last year. And we did! The preliminary results are: 729 qso:s and 594.816 points. Much of it must be atributed to the full length quarter wave vertical on 80 meters we used. It was a real treat to use it, near the salt water and all! Suddenly you didn´t feel like you were QRP at all!
Same as last year, the weather was absolutely wonderful the whole weekend and we had a great time!
Our secret weapon! A full quarter wave vertical for the 80 meter band!
The gp for 15 meters to the left.
Our vertical for the 10 meter band.
And everything very professionally installed of cours...
The trapped end-fed half-wave dipole for 20 and 40 meters.
The setup!
Mikael SM6VJA
Yes, it really is a very nice place!