IOTA Contest 2007


Our intention was to paricipate in the "IOTA Expedition - Multi-Operator - CW - 24 hour - QRP" category and for the three of us to see how far we could get. Beforehand we thought we could reach at least 1000 qso:s. Eventually we did not reach that goal. The final results after the log had been  checked was instead 759 qso:s and 408.975 points. That was a kind of a disapointment but on the other hand; the weather was absolutely wonderful the whole weekend and we had a great time!
This was the place!
Linas / LY2H
Mikael / SM6VJA
Håkan / SM6EQO
All the antennas we used!
W3DZZ supported by the flagpole
20 meter ground plane antenna supported by a 12 meter SpiderBeam mast
15 meter vertical supported by a wheelbarrow....
Equipment was an Elecraft K2, a Begali Magnetic Traveler Light, a CMOS-4 keyer, a SX-200 SWR-meter, a 3 amp power supply and one very old laptop.