IARU Region 1 Fieldday
June 5-6 2010
This year the weather was nice and quite warm (except during the night of course). The only complaint was the wind. It was very windy on top of Jungfruhoppet. The plastic tarpaulin shelter I had was flapping in the wind and made hearing the signals I received quite difficult at times.
As rig I used the ATS-4. Output between three and four watts depending on the conditions of the batteries. I managed the whole contest with only two sets of nine AA 2500 mAh Ni-HM batteries, that is, 5 Ah in total. This is mainly due to the low power drain in receive ( about 50 mA) of the ATS-4. Quite a difference from last year when I used the FT-817 when I had to carry two heavy lead acid batteries to the top
This the small shelter I had that protected me from the wind.
The picture below is supposed to show you the the two element "beam" I used on 20 meter. You could also say that itīs a End Fed Half-Wave Antenna with a reflector element. Itīs difficult to see, but down to the right you can see the Hendricks SLT+ tuner I used.