IARU Region 1 Fieldday
June 6-7 2009
The wx was not at itīs best. It was cold. During the night between Saturday and Sunday it was close to zero. However, Sunday started with some nice sunshine. It didnīt lasted long. It soon became windy with showers. After the third shower, when the rain seemed to become permanent, I gave up. Thus, I missed the last three hours of the contest. Even so, it was an interesting experience and I now have two tuned verticals for 80/40 and 20/15 meters that will be used during the upcoming IOTA Contest.
(arial photo of the place)
No computer logging! Manual log and dupesheet!
The rig is a FT-817. 5 watts output
The trapped vertical for the 15 and 20 meter bands supported by a 12 meter SpiderMast. Both bands has four radials each and the base is about six meters over ground.