4 July 2008

So, what do you do if you think the train tickets are hideously expensive? You take the bike of course! And what do you do when you think that the prices the Youth Hostels are charging is a rip off? You wait for a period of nice weather and sleep outside of course! What do you think?!

So after 240 km and 14 hours in the saddle I set up base camp in a absolutely wonderful oak wood near Fjälastorp.

This is the south side of the summit seen from the road nearby.
The summit!
At the summit there some strange structures. I have no idea what they are there for, but they are a great help for putting up your antennas.
Panorama from east to south. To the left in the picture is the city of Ängelholm in a distance and to the right in the picture is the city of Höganäs and futher away Denmark.
You can see all the way down to Ven Island!
The result was 17 qso:s on 40 meters and 23 qso:s on 30 meters

The way back to Mölndal I took it a bit easier. Took me two days. Was back home again on Saturday afternoon.

A wonderful experience indeed!