CQ WW 160 Meter Contest
23-25 January 2009
Grötö Island - EU-043
Map and arial photo of the place
Mikael/SM6VJA and myself went to Grötö Island west of Göteborg where we had lent a hut by the shore from a friend. It was the first time any of us had ever worked a160 meter qso so it was a big trial in many aspects. The antenna we used was a "L" shaped vertical with a few radials not far from the water. We did not have any seperate receiving antenna but we heard pretty well anyhow because of the noise-free environment far away from anybody and anything. Rig was a Ten-Tech Corsair with 100 watts only. The small hut we were using is situated just a few meters from the shore on the most southern tip of the island.
Near the end of the contest the wind increased and turned to the West. That was a bit too much for the mast and it broke.
We made an emergency antenna from the pieces of the mast in order to finish the contest.