This is the tuner/transformer box. I used a T-130-2 iron powder core with 3 turns of 1 mm emald wire on the primary winding and 33 turns on the secondary. The variable capacitance is a gift from SM6VJA. I'm really not sure of the value, but it looks like 200 pF or something. On the picture you see attached 5000 ohm for adjusting the parallel resonance circuit.
This is how it looks in all its splendor!
The black stick is to prevent the tuner-box from hitting the roof in windy weather. I don't think the neighbors below would like that, you see...
The picture was taken before I switched to the copperclad
steel wire from DX-Wire.
This is a picture of the tuner at the end of the dipole with coax attached
This is with the 1 millimeter copperclad steel wire.
As you can see it's almost invisible, and the sag of the wire is minimal.
I have added 20 ferrite tubes to the coax feeder.
It seems to reduce the pickup of noise from the house somewhat.
The reason for putting up the End Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 meters was first and foremost to have a good antenna that was not so visible to my neighbours. I think I have achieved that. It is just a thin wire hanging between my house and the house next door. You have to know it is there to notice it.

After having read the paragraph Sloping ground in Chapter 10 in HF antennas for all locations by L.A.Moxon it seems that I have got an extra bonus from its particular location. If you look at the second areal photo of my qth you see that the two houses might act as a reflector towards the south. I can not tell if it really is so, however, I usually have no problems in reaching out all over Europe and over the Mediterranean Sea on 80 meters with qrp power.