Brocante á La Louviére
30th September 2007

Before the brocante it is important to very deeply analyze one's needs and wants and to device a proper strategy to fullfill the same!
A big three-hall brocante like this one can be confusing at first, but don't give up, after a while everything will become clear to you...
(Linas/LY2H alias ON4BHP in the in front)
You will find lots of usefull things!
And not so usefull things...
One happy seller and one happy buyer!
(one might wonder who actually cheated who!)
Even if you have made one great deal doesn't mean that there are more to be done!
At a brocante you also meet new and old friends!
Valdas/LY4Z alias VE3VO alias N2ZO
A real brocante should not only satisfy your radio needs but also your spiritual needs!
One should not forget to explore the specialities of the local cuisine!
The catch!