Blaupunkt Milano 2225

Bought it on the net. Said to receive well on UKV but being dead on the other bands. The varnish of the wood case was all cracked up, but else in good condition. No serious dents, only very dirty. The steel frame was also in good conditon. No rust, just a lot of dirt. I could only find two paper capacitors in the radio.
The ferrite antenna seems to have gotten loose. The wires were ripped.
Some connectors were bad... I put in new ones.
This one had to go for a new one!
The black wire to number five had a short to number six and the tuning indicator tube was bad and had to be replaced.
The reason for the radio only performing on UKV! The tube capacitor in the center of the picture had no connection to ground. Wasnīt even soldered! One might wonder if the radio had ever been really okay.
This capacitor looks a bit strange, doesnīt it?
Itīs the C767. I have been told that you just repace it with a simple new capacitor. The shielding is due to some shortcomings in the old capacitors.
Itīs the C746
Someone had modified the wires going to the speakers with a switch. It was taken away and the wires restored to original.
All varnish removed. Ready for new varnish.
All these were replaced with new ones. The capacitors were between 30 and 100 % out of value.
I could not hear any 50 Hz hum, but while at it I thougt that I could just as well replaced the power electrolyte too.
The final result!
The radio looks very nice indeed. A very impressive piece of gear!  The alignment was way off as expected, but after re-aligning the set I have got myself a very capable radioset. The sound is fantastic; it has a very distinct and powerful sound with a wonderful full base and a nice rich tremble, easy to listen to even if you, as I do, donīt hear so well.