Ultramarine was a great fusion band based in Paris in the 80's and 90's, mixing influences from jazz and world music. 
Four continents were represented, since the musicians originated from Cameroon, Martinique, Vietnam, Senegal and France.


Ultramarine made a few albums in the 80's and 90's on the label Musidisc which no longer exists. 
and the award-winning E si mala are especially worth mentioning.

Etienne Mbappé
- bass
Mario Canonge - keyboards
Nguyên Lê - guitar
Pierre-Olivier Govin - sax
Mokhtar Samba - drums
Bago - percussion
plus numerous guests...


 Track list E SI MALA (1989)
 Zan (Bago)
 2  Echapaya (M. Canonge)
 3  E si mala (E. Mbappé)
 4  Sabi all (E. Mbappé)
 5  Mélodie (M. Canonge)
 6  Dimbea (E. Mbappé)
 7  Ewoudou (E. Mbappé)
 8  Sasayesa (Bago)
 9  Yele congo (M. Canonge)
10 Yen epasi (E.Mbappé)
11 Vent d'automne (Trad. Arr N. Lê)
12 Sandaga (M. Samba)

Listen to about 90 sec. of the underlined songs.
You can also listen to 30 sec. samples
of all tracks HERE