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We Used To Dance (2003) LISTEN

Where Is The Map (2005) LISTEN
Andile Yenana is one of the most talented piano players in modern South African jazz. His style is modern but the influences from the rich heritage of township jazz can be heard everywhere in his work.

"We need to preserve the legacy. I see myself as making a contribution to the preservation of that legacy".

That legacy he speaks of is the country's jazz legacy. One that reflects the power and the experience of South Africa yet contributes to a timeless culture that first found expression on the plantations of America. Read the whole interview HERE
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Abantwana Be Afrika (2003)


A giant and legend since decades, Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi sounds better than ever on his latest release, Abantwana Be Afrika.
Unlike many other musicians, tenor saxophonist Winston Mankunku, born in 1943, remained in South Africa during the rough years of apartheid. Thereby he had less international fame than his exiled compatriots. But back home he is a legend, who has meant a great deal to the development of jazz.

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Sax player Zim Ngqawana uses elements both from South African musical traditions and from avantgarde jazz in his unpredictable and exciting musical mix. A unique innovator within South African jazz.

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