is a Techno group from Germany. Scooter was formed in 1994 by
H.P. Baxxter, Rick J.Jordan and Ferris Bueller,
who together with producer Jens Thele previously joined forces
as the remix team "The Loop", during the 1980s,
H.P. Baxxter and
Rick J.Jordan also scored a series of club hits as "Celebrate The Nun".

"Techno is dead?!"

No other musical genre has been pronounced dead as often as the one which
developed from a whole host of creative people in the UK, Benelux and Germany
at the end of the Eighties.
What was probably the last genuine revolution in music history began with a
drum machine which had previously been rather insignificant
(the Roland TR-909), a few synthesisers and a bass synth which had been a
commercial flop (the Roland TB-303). Whether hated, loved, ridiculed or hyped,
Techno was always one thing in particular: polarising.

This perfectly reflects the history of a band whose name has been a constant
feature on the European Dance scene for 7 years - Scooter. Few bands have
caused as much difference in opinion as the three producers from Hamburg who,
together with their manager Jens Thele, have been causing a sensation in
international charts since May '94.

The road to success of this exceptional band has been marked by countless
Top Ten hits, releases in more than 30 countries world-wide, numerous platinum
and gold selling hits, several music awards, concerts in front of up to
80,000 fans and, finally, sales close to the 9 million mark.
So H.P., Rick and Axel make no secret of their pride in what they have achieved:
"We won't go home until nobody finds us exciting anymore," is the band's

But what appears so simple and well-planned on the outside was, in reality,
a long and winding road which hardly fits in with the concept of our 'at the
touch of a button' society: "You kind of sit there in your basement for years,
producing songs like a madman and they all flop, and just when you think it's
no longer going to happen you suddenly have a Top Five hit throughout Europe,"
is how front man H.P. sums up his impressions from the start of his career when
still with keyboarder Ferris Bueller, and he adds: "And then all the world says,
'hey, these people come straight from a casting, There's no way they produce the
music themselves' - a strange experience."

Back in 1995 Scooter were already proving those critics wrong who thought the
band would be a one hit wonder. After "Hyper Hyper" there were four other
Top Five hits - "Move Your Ass", "Friends", "Endless Summer" and "Back In The UK"
- and Scooter became an established act.

With creativity and a good deal of light-hearted self-irony
("We Are The Greatest", 1998) the trio manage to surprise their fans and critics
again and again - whether by including the "Miss Marple" title theme in a chorus
or by using guitar riffs (as in "Fire" 1997) that would even make the
"Rock musicians against Techno" association of that time doubt the purpose of its
own existence.

Scooter are not only a band but also a way of life and anyone who knows the boys
will know that 'party' is not merely an empty cliché with Scooter.

Their concept of music, however, always allows for thoughtful moments too.
Tracks like "No Fate" (1997), "She's The Sun" (2000) or even
"Dancing In The Moonlight" (from the Album "Age Of Love", 1997) show a musical
diversity which clearly sets Scooter apart from other popular Techno and Dance acts.

So, what's the secret formula behind Scooter's ongoing success? The division of
work is clear: Axel, who joined Scooter in May 1998 after Ferris left, forms the
DJ part of the group and deals mainly with the basic grooves and the latest
underground trends.

H.P. not only writes almost 100% of the lyrics but also often provides the creative
basis for the typical, slightly over the top Scooter choruses. Rick contributes a
conservative music style to the whole thing. He also shares the job of engineer
with Axel.

The team is rounded off by Jens Thele who, as manager of Scooter, also set up
- rather 'by the way-ish' - the Hamburg-based record label Kontor Records from where
he looks after Sheffield Tunes, Scooter's own exclusive label.

Those who have seen Scooter in action on stage know that the unique live atmosphere
of Punk and Rock 'n' Roll is not necessarily exclusive to guitar bands. But somehow
it seems that the actual reason for success lies elsewhere: it is this naturalness,
encapsulating a lust for life in music which, combined with creativity and imagination,
is the central theme running through the now 36 Singles and 9 Albums put out
by Scooter. (17 Albums all in all, if you include the "Best Of...", "Live" and
"Limited Edition" Albums).

Team spirit, fun and disputes and also the experiences gathered in seven years of
touring and working in the studio together have made Scooter into probably one of the
last authentic self-made bands in the charts.


H.P. Baxxter

Rick J.Jordan

Jay Frog
(Since 2002)

Axel Coon
(1998 - 2002)

Ferris Bueller
(1994 - 1998)


//H.P. Baxxter


Born as: Hans Peter Geerdes
Date of birth: 16.03.1966
Place of birth: Leer, Germany
Place of residence: Hamburg, Germany
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 188 cm
Colour of hair: Platinum-blonde


1985 German high school diploma,
then apprenticeship as an industrial merchant.

Founding of "Celebrate The Nun" with Rick J.Jordan in 1986.


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//Rick J.Jordan

Piano, Loops

Born as: Hendrik Stadler
Date of birth 01.01.1968
Place of birth: Hannover
, Germany
Place of residence: Hamburg
, Germany
Colour of eyes: Brown
Height: 176 cm
Colour of hair: Brown


First piano lessons at age 5.
Founded his first "band" when he was 10.
Left school after 12th grade - for career in music.
Founding of "Celebrate The Nun" with H.P. in 1986.


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//Jay Frog (since 2002)

Synthesiser, Effects

Born as: Jürgen Frosch
Date of birth: 07.05.1976
Place of birth: Ludwigshafen
, Germany
Place of residence: Hamburg
, Germany
Colour of eyes: Brown
Height: 182 cm
Colour of hair: Brown


Jay is a fully qualified Elektrotechnician with Highschool diploma and has persuaded
Discomania to let him spend time in the Planet Trax studios should he find problems
finding his desk caused by trance fog that may have shrouded him the evening before.
All in all, Jay knows how the techno / trance machine is working and will surely
bring his unique style of productions, remixes and DJ-sets to a much larger audience.


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//Axel Coon (1998 - 2002)

Born as: Axel Broszeit
Date of birth: 23.03.1975
Place of birth: Freiburg
, Germany
Place of residence: Hannover
, Germany
Colour of eyes: Brown
Height: 185 cm
Colour of hair: Brown


When Rick Jordan asked his studio-assistant about joining the most successful
dance-techno-act of all time in the Kontor Club in Hamburg in the early hours of
another sweaty Saturday night, he didnt have to think twice. The young DJ had
already stepped in for an injured Rick during a concert on new years eve and
enjoyed it.
Amongst all the PR-duties, Axels job is of a technically/musically kind. As
Progressive-House-DJ of many years he makes the influence of the latest club
sounds audible on the new songs.
The 23-year-old was first noticed by Scooter-manager Jens Thele, who met Axel
in a club in Hamburg as he made the first public preview of a song he had
recorded in his bedroom.

Replaced Ferris Bueller in spring 1998.

Left Scooter in January 2002, he wanted to start a solo-career.


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//Ferris Bueller (1994 - 1998)

Born as: Sören Bühler
Date of birth: 29.09.1971
Place of birth: Freiburg
, Germany
Place of residence: Hannover
, Germany
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 172 cm
Colour of hair: Light brown


Dropped out of highschool, worked as pizza-service driver, DJ, misc. jobs.
Started learning the trade of a shipping-agent in 1993,
but "Hyper Hyper" put an end to all that...

Left Scooter in March 1998, he wanted to start a solo-career.


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