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Mbuni is swahili and means Ostrich. Humorusly said about coffee containing so much pebbles and twigs that you really need to be an ostrich to be able to find the beansSwedish Coffee

In Sweden we drink a lot of coffee. Almost most in the world per person. The coffee we drink is strong and good (usually, but sometimes it tastes like mbuni coffee).Coffee taste even better out in the woods

The most common way to make coffee is by using a brewer. The most popular brewer is the melittakind with a paperfilter. The perculatortype like Salton is also popular. To boil your coffee in a coffeepot on the stove (koka kaffe) is the original way to make your coffee but the number of people making their coffee this way is steadily sinking. Swedish coffee are usually made in two grinds, coarse for boiling and fine for brewing.
A great way to make your coffee is outdoors on a campfire.

Swedish Coffee Manufacturers


Löfbergs Lila

Kahls Kaffe

Aroma Kaffe

Arvid Nordquist

Roberts Kaffe


Caffé Monteriva


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