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Summer School for Afghan students


AEAS and Afghan Culture association in Sweden (AKFS) has started a Summer School for Afghan students in Stockholm, Sweden. More then 100 afghan students have attended. The students study the following subjects: :

Mathematic, Physics, Biology, Computer, English, Swedish, Dari and Pashto.





AEAS  visit with the Afghan communications minister


On the 31st May 2005 the AEAS association visited with Afghanistan’s communications minister, Amir Zai Sangin.

The participants were AEAS‘s president Wahed Dariab, AEAS‘s vice-president Mohammed Hashem,  and AEAS‘s organizer, Osman Osmany.



We introduced AEAS’s purpose and activities with Amir Zai Sangin at the meeting. He explained jobs opportunity very positive for Afghan engineers in Afghanistan. According to his explanation the need of Afghan engineers for reconstruction of Afghanistan is huge. AEAS agreed with Afghanistan communication minister to have a continually corporation in the future.











Welcome to AEAS!


Afghan engineer’s association in Sweden (AEAS) is an idealistic society whose task is to help and support Afghan engineers and students.

The Association helps Afghan students with their studies, project degrees and jobs in Sweden and in Afghanistan.

AEAS works to make it easy and to create opportunities for those Afghan students that want to start study in institutes or universities in Sweden

We create good and mutual relations with other Afghan engineering associations all over the world.

For you who are thinks of beginning to study at engineering institute/university, we will with pleasure give you good advice before starting your studies. more...





























































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Amozesh-e-Zabane Dari

The first Afghan educational software, teach your kids (or analphabetic parents or other who are interested) Dari /Pashto languages step by step. You can find a lots of free Afghani games. Click here!



































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